Sunday, 16 November 2014

Insanity at 4:11am

Am I insane? That was one of the first thoughts to cross my mind this morning.

It was 4:11am and I was wide awake. Do you know what the first thing I thought about was? The first thing I thought about when I opened my eyes today was a blog post I'd read before going to bed last night about photography, over on iHeartorganizing. It was a brilliantly put together post (as are all of Jen's posts by the way), but did it warrant "top spot" on the things to think about at 4:11am. No. It. Didn't. 

But my thoughts didn't stay confined to what was written in that post, oh no. I went on to think about where I could take photography classes, where I could buy a camera that was cheap enough for me not to get "shouted" at by the husband if I banished it to the back of the wardrobe because after a few weeks I decided that photography wasn't for me after all, but still good enough to help me learn and show me results so I didn't banish it to the back of the wardrobe.

So I decided to make a mental note to pop "take photography classes" onto my 2015 To-Do List. And then it hit me....... Are you INSANE woman?

I spent probably half an hour before bed last night listing out all of the things that I currently don't do to the best of my ability/cut corners on around the house (I didn't get around to analysing the why's and wherefore's, nor did I explore what I don't do to the best of my ability beyond the running of the house) but here I was, at 4:11am, putting more things onto my list for next year. A list, I hasten to add, that already has 18 things on it!! And they're extra things for me to do, on top of the things I've come to the conclusion that I don't already have the time to do.

Is it just me that does this sort of crazy stuff at stupid o'clock in the morning? Or any time of day actually. Please tell me I'm not alone ladies and gents!

It's now 6:06 and I think I've earned myself a cup of tea and some toast (commonly known in this household as "first breakfast") to build up the energy to try and figure out why I am as crazy as a March Hare!

Have a great day everyone.

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