Friday, 4 September 2015

Bacon rolls v Bathroom scales

If there’s one thing guaranteed to put me right off my regular Friday morning sausage and bacon roll it’s seeing the bright, red figures of my digital bathroom scales appear before my eyes.

“Ooooh that can’t be right” I thought to myself and figured that, just as when one enters into a business negotiation, it’s not the “done thing” to accept the first offer, and your opposition fully expects you to come back with a counter offer. So in true business fashion I hopped off the scales (a quite light footed hop it was too if you ask me!), gave the scales a few seconds to reset and I gingerly stepped back on.

Hmmmmmm. The same figure appeared. This was not the ideal way to start my day, not least because it meant I should decline when I was inevitably asked “Kel you want a bacon roll?” when I got to work. [Especially given that I had a pizza for dinner last night!]

I’m not sure what I expected to see on the display screen given that I’ve not exactly been eating healthily or well lately, and I have only just started going back to the gym. I think my issue is that I still think I’m 18 and can eat as much as I did back then. The trouble is when I was 18 I was dancing 3 or 4 times a week, burning off the naughty foods I was eating. It was nothing to do with having a fast metabolism; it was all about the exercise I was doing……which, at 33 years of age, I am not doing.

So it’s back to the gym with renewed vigour from now on to try and shed the tell-tale signs of one too many full English breakfasts.

Tell me I’m not the only one with a weak spot for a sausage and bacon roll!

Have a great day and gorgeous weekend.

Oh, before I go here's one final thought to see you right for the weekend......




  1. Life is too short not to eat the sausage bacon roll!!

    1. Hi Kaley - I am totally with you on that. We rock the bacon rolls every Friday in the office and I hardly ever decline! :)