Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Life Inventory

A couple of things struck me yesterday; firstly Essex looks rather gorgeous from a few thousand feet in the sky and secondly I eat far too much chocolate. Now for those of you who know me, the latter isn’t any sort of revalation. But for me, as I polished off the last of a “to share” bag of mint mini-matchmakers I was left with a rather empty, unsatisfied feeling. Which was weird because if anything I should have felt the opposite – after all mint matchmakers are second only to After Eights in my book..... but I didn’t have any of those to hand.

That then got me thinking is my love for chocolate purely physiological? {I’m guessing “love” in this context is far too dramatic but I couldn’t think of anything else). I eat it without actually tasting it. Do I even enjoy it?  What triggers the decision in me eat it? Is it because it’s there and its sole purpose is to be eaten?

After 30 years – almost 31 – of “loving” chocolate I am beginning to question whether I really do.  Do I just east it because I’ve always eaten it without any regard for the fact that my taste buds may have changed since I was a child? If so, what else do I do in life just because I’ve always done it? Do I truly enjoy the things I do? Do I really need/want the things I think I want and need? Or are they things I wanted and needed years ago that I don’t actually want and need now but just don’t know I don’t want and need because I haven’t stopped to consider it.  

I guess it is far too easy to follow the same routine we’ve always followed and not stop to consider whether our lives are the same as when those routines were first established. The easiest answer I suppose is that life is so hectic that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. But what if, with a few minor tweaks, life could be made exponentially better, more enjoyable, more tailored and suited to the people we are today if only we took the time to think about it.  

I don’t know the last time I did a “life inventory” or even if I’ve ever done one. The things I do on a daily basis, do they really still belong in my life? Or have I outgrown them?  

I think that my task for the next few weeks is to find out the answers to all of the questions I’ve asked. After all, life is short and we should only make room for those things that bring us happiness and peace and joy.  

What changes have you made in your life recently that have worked for the better - however big or small?


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  1. I’d love to be able to identify stuff to inventory out of my life and free up some time for more pleasurable pursuits. I can’t help feeling that I’ve already done that to the max though. Mind you I did stop playing computer games a few years ago and now only get a fix once in a blue moon, I’m not sure if getting rid of computer games from my life was as a result of a choice with a view to improve myself, or a necessity after having kids, or that I’ve just grown out of them! I wouldn’t stop eating chocolate though if I were you!!
    Wayno :-)