Sunday, 10 June 2018

What May Taught Me

We all know that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual (wouldn’t it be so much easier if it did?!?), and, well I don’t know about you guys but I feel like I’m kind of winging this whole “life” situation, and just when I think I’ve gotten it nailed, I’ll learn a lesson [or be reminded of a lesson I’ve long since forgotten] that makes me realise there is still sooooooo much about life that I don’t know, some quite obvious things when I think about them!

Here are a few lessons that May taught me

1.   If I don’t write down my lessons learned I’ll forget all about them and end up with a whole month that didn’t teach me anything….sorry April!
2.  The pluggy-in things to repel gnats/mosquitoes do actually work. Usually when we’re away the husband gets bitten, but while we were in Florence the pluggy-in thing was located at his side of the bed. He was super protected and I ended up with 20+ bites!
3.    Not having spoken Italian since I was 18 I can still hold my own in a conversation.
4.    Afternoon sun + alcohol = tiredness!!
5.    The older I get the more I blub like a baby at weddings
6.   The duomo in Florence is as spectacular now as I remember it from 15+ years ago on my school trips
7.    Gluten-free pizza tastes just like regular pizza…..who knew?!?
8.   To get into the main church in Florence (and probably all other churches to be fair) ladies and gents need their shoulders and at least down to their knees covered up. Luckily we had only queued for 7 minutes before we realised we would be denied entry
9.    Try as I might I will never look good in a baseball-style cap

     Laugh at myself moments

1.    See 1 above!! I’m pretty sure there was plenty to laugh at myself over but it’s no use if I don’t write them down!

    Did May teach you anything? Or did you have any laugh at yourself moments? Fancy sharing them if you did? I’d love to hear from you.

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