Sunday, 8 April 2018

Currently crushing on....

Why is it that when you're not supposed to be shopping for yourself, you find a hundred and one things that you absolutely adore? Sound familiar? This is the situation I found myself in yesterday.
Not only was I not supposed to be shopping for myself I was actually supposed to be shopping for presents for the husband whose birthday it is tomorrow!

But how could I avert my eyes when such prettiness was just waiting on the rails for me to swoon over? (Spoiler alert: I did find some presents for the husband, so don't worry.)

And despite the husband telling me, on a number of occasions "if you like/want it, get it", I resisted because I was genuinely scared that once I started spending I wouldn't be able to stop, ha ha. 

So here are the things that caught my eye stole my heart yesterday. I've posed links to all of the items at the bottom of the post in case you would like to take a closer look. ps: you're welcome ;-)
 Esprit is a shop that, until recently, has been in my blind spot as I walk through town (twice a day, every day, lol). But I popped in there the other day for a browse and I was pleasantly surprised with the range, quality and price point of all of their clothes. And it really is just a matter of time before one of these gorgeous costs belongs to me :) 
 Same for Joules! And I found out yesterday that there are two shops (that I know of)  in Jersey that sell this brand. Priced slightly higher than Esprit but just as cute.  

I can definitely see myself relaxing by the pool with a cold cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, whiling the hours away by the pool in this hat and bikini. Roll on May, and my holiday in Italy...
This table is just destined to end up in my bedroom next to the new chair I bought last weekend. 

So........what do you think of my Saturday finds?

Wishing you all an amazing Sunday .

Love, Kelly xx

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