Monday, 2 April 2018

101 Things in 1001 Days

A while ago I came across an update about this post by the lovely Mackenzie over at Design Darling: a list of 101 things to accomplish in 1001 days – which is about 2.75 years. So we’re talking enough time for you to not feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to do something – or 101 somethings - by the end of the year, but long enough to put some “big” stuff on there, stuff that might end up taking longer than a year because it would require a time investment and isn't something you can wake up one morning and decide to do, for example; launching a business. 

So back in, whenever it was, I got myself one of these lists. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. I kind of let the list languish on whatever random piece of paper I’d written the things down on, never to see the light of day again. I’m pretty sure I did achieve some of the things though!

Let’s fast forward to 2017 when I came across Mackenzie’s new 101 in 1001 list which she started on 18 October 2017 following her old list expiring. This inspired me to start the process afresh, with a determined head on my shoulders that I would take this seriously. So serious that it took me 9 whole days to come up with my 101 things! So today, I am sharing with you my very own 101 Things in 1001 Days list.

101 Things in 1001 Days

Start: 1 January 2018

End: 28 September 2020

1.      Come up with 101 things:  9 January 2018

2.      Save £10 for every goal achieved £50 saved so far

3.      Go to the cinema 24 times each year

2018: 8 times so far: All the Money in the World/Coco/Darkest Hour/The Commuter/Downsizing /The Post/Black Panther/Game Night/Peter Rabbit/Ready Player One

4.      Make 20 new-to-me recipes: 5 So Far: Spicy tomato gnocchi/Ginger pork stir fry/ Steak, chips and rocket & parmesan salad with balsamic vinegar glaze & JD Honey sauce/Spanish style chicken/Lamb steaks with honey and orange root vegetables

5.      Launch a business

6.      Write my personal/mission statement and create my brand and mood boards, and make a logo

7.      Make £X from my blog

8.      Get 100 email subscribers to my blog

9.      Go a restaurant for dinner by myself 3 times

10.    Go to the cinema by myself 5 times

11.    Have a tea & cake date with myself at a tearooms/coffee shop 10 times

12.    Journal daily for a month using the questions Carrie Green gave in the live webinar

13.    Take a yoga class once a week for 3 months to see if it makes a difference

14.    Do 5 Instagram/Facebook lives

15.    Be able to count to 10 in 10 languages

16.    Do the ITEX round the island walk

17.    Try three foods I’ve never tried before: Calamari/Hot Cross Bun

18.    Visit a country that scares me

19.    Go back to Disney in Florida

20.    Read at least 88 books (on average 32 books a year): 5 read so far

21.    Attend or host a murder mystery night

22.    Make a 40 by 40 list

23.    Own a Cartier watch

24.    Buy another LV bag

25.    Write a guest blog post on something I am passionate about

26.    Oops – this one is for my eyes only 😉

27.    And this one 😊

28.    And this one 19 February 2018

29.    Have acupuncture

30.    Sing Thunder Road or Born to Run on karaoke

31.    Go to London alone to stay with Hayley for the weekend

32.    See three theatre performances in London

33.    See an Opera

34.    Watch West Ham (home or away) live, three times

35.    Take my dad to see Bruce Springsteen in concert again

36.    Watch 15 of the so-called “classic” films: 1 so far – Roman Holiday

37.    Try at least 10 new restaurants for the first time: 2 so far: Park House, Colomberie, Jersey/Munchies, Mellieha, Malta

38.    Eat vegetarian dinners for 1 week (Mon – Fri)

39.    Make homemade ice-cream

40.    Learn brush lettering

41.    Plan 10 surprise dates/weekend activities for Ashley

42.    Visit the Silent City in Malta 26 February 2018 (you can read about it here)

43.    Give something I really like, up for Lent

44.    Do something that will benefit my personal growth/development for Lent

45.    Do something meaningful for Lent

46.    Write 100 facts about myself

47.    Make my own stationery line – note books etc….

48.    Do 5 cliff paths walks/hikes in Jersey: 2 done so far – North Coast….somewhere

49.    Visit 5 new-to-me beaches/bays in Jersey

50.    Visit Sark and stay overnight and blog about it

51.    Go to Herm for lunch and blog about it

52.    Organise a charity evening/fund raising event

53.    Go to 5 quiz nights at different locations

54.    Unfollow blogs I don’t read on Bloglovin 13 January 2018

55.    Clear and organise Hotmail account – set up folders and a filing system and keep on top of

56.    Unsubscribe from emails I don’t read/want to receive (started 17 January 2018)

57.    Have afternoon tea at 5 new-to-new locations in Jersey and blog about them I recommend them etc…

58.    Oops, for my eyes only 😊

59.    And this one 😉

60.    Get a new hair style

61.    Get my crown replaced

62.    Take a trip to see the Northern Lights and visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

63.    Visit 6 new countries

64.    Watch every Disney movie that is released from 01 January 09 January 2017 – 28 September 2020: 1 so far:  Coco

65.    Write a letter to my younger self (from last challenge)

66.    Write a letter to my older self (from last challenge)

67.    Make a will (from last challenge)

68.    Sort my pensions out (from last challenge)

69.    Give blood again

70.    Send a postcard from Italy to my parents, to Claire, Ricky and Lake, and to Dill and Grand

71.    Hold the plank: for 3 minutes and then 5 minutes

72.    Figure out a workout routine I like and stick to it

73.    Attend a LeanIn talk/get-together in Jersey  19 March 2018

74.    See the Liberty Bell

75.    Become a Jersey Heritage member and use it 4 March 2018

76.    Make two scatter cushion covers for the spare room

77.    Treat myself to a Diptyque candle

78.    Visit the Jo Loves store in London

79.    Buy a Jo Loves fragrance from her store

80.    Sell 10 items of clothing/accessories on ebay

81.    Buy a wax Barbour jacket

82.    Buy a cashmere jumper

83.    Buy a classic cut blazer in navy blue

84.    Buy a classic rain mac

85.    Organise an educational wine tasting evening

86.    Get a proper bra fitting

87.    Beat Ashley at the Logo Game – just once will be fine!!!

88.    Own a first edition of a book that was published before I was born

89.    Fit back into my grey work dresses (comfortably!!)

90.    See the Mona Lisa/visit the Louvre

91.    Have a photoshoot with Ashley

92.    ID my blogging direction/niche and decide on a series to blog about

93.    Then make a blogging schedule and stick to it

94.    Buy Letters of Note and the follow up

95.    Do 1 30-day Instagram photography challenge

96.    Visit Buckingham Palace

97.    Make a photobook of our USA trip in Feb 2017

98.    Write a poem

99.    Write a 5 year plan

100. Write a new list

101. Inspire someone to make a list of their own

As you can see I started it a while ago and the reason I haven’t shared it with you all yet is because I wasn’t sure if it was something I would stick to. But the early signs are good and you can see that I’ve achieved a few already and have made good in-roads on some others.
I am hoping that you lovely lot will hold me accountable when I’m flagging and cheer me on when I get to the finish line.  

UPDATE: I’ve just found my original list and being the genius that I am, I didn’t actually date it. So I have no idea when I embarked on my first journey 😊 But I checked off 7 of my items; a pretty poor performance if you ask me 😉

Have you heard of the 101 in 1001 list? If you decide to give it a whirl (and I'd really love it if you did because then I could mark #101 as "done") I’d love you to share your aims and goals for the next 1001 days. 


  1. Hey Kelly,

    Love the post and love the idea of the list ... you can officially cross off 101 as I will be starting my list this afternoon sat in the sun with a coffee and a crossiant in the snowy alps :-)

    Lots of love - Catie. X x

    1. Hey, lovely!! How lovely to hear from you. I'm chuffed to bits that you are planning on doing your own 101 in 1001 list! Let me know how you get on and keep me posted on your progress. With the sun and the alps as your backdrop, you're bound to come up with a cracking list :) xx