Friday, 10 June 2016

Spotlight on...Colleen's at Greve d'Lecq

One of my favourite go-to breakfast spots is Colleen's. It's located on Jersey's rugged north coast, mere meters from Greve d'Lecq beach. That's where we headed last Sunday for a brunch date with some friends. Luckily the temperature was high enough for us to be able to sit outside without me getting cold but it wasn't too bright that we had to squint against the brightness of the sun! 

Here's a peek of where we were situated.....

It's not my first jaunt to this place and so I knew the only decision I needed to make was Full English or American Breakfast? 

The last few times I've been there I've opted for the American so today it was Full English's lucky day....but hold the mushrooms and tomatoes (yucky-face emoji here, please).

So what did my money buy me? Two sausages, three bacon....heck just take a look for yourself....

How did I rate it? Honestly it wasn't great. The bacon was a bit too well done for my liking (which has never been a problem before) and there was an obvious temperature difference between the sausages and the bacon, and the rest of the food - the hash browns, the fried toast and the beans. Probably because, and this really is just me speculating, the meat had been cooked and was laying in wait until needed, whereas the other items came straight from the frying pan/saucepan etc....

The American breakfast, which I didn't get a picture of sadly, mainly because the husband had already tucked in before I could say "let me take a picture of that", consists of two sausages, eggs and traditional English pancakes covered in maple syrup and icing sugar. Being a traditional Brit I positively turned my nose up at the thought of mixing sweet and savory breakfast items and avoided it for ages. But one day I gave in and tried it. And I haven't looked back since!

As well as the Full English or American breakfasts, they also offer vegetarian and healthy alternatives, although I couldn't tell you what those those options include as I've never entertained the idea of either; sorry!

And if your breakfast doesn't fill you up (which is unlikely!), you could bag yourself a cheeky home-made cake to savour in the car on the way home with a cuppa once you got home. I haven't sampled their home-made delights personally as I literally never have room for even the mere thought of food, let alone buying anything to eat on the way home, but they look and smell amazing!

If this had been my first visit to Colleen's I wouldn't have been that impressed and probably wouldn't be inclined to return. But it wasn't my first visit and so I know I'll be back....maybe a bit earlier next time though! We were there at about 11:15, and breakfast finishes at 11:30.

And if the food isn't enough to tempt you back, the scenery and setting will be
Overall you should definitely take a visit to Colleen's if you're in the area. Oh, and go for the American Breakfast any day- you'll love it!

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