Sunday, 5 June 2016

Film Review...Money Monster

This new film stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney and is directed by Jodie Foster. 

Clooney plays Lee Gates: a bit of a cocky investment adviser who has taken to the small screen to air a weekly, tongue-in-cheek finance/investment advice show, produced by Patty Fenn (Roberts).

One of the investments he recommends to his millions of watchers goes south and one unlucky investor, Kyle Budwell takes it upon himself to get answers for the stock price tumble and to hold Gates on air during one of Gates' show. 

Did I mention that he has a gun and two suicide vests and his thumb on a dead-man switch? One of the vests is soon wrapped around Clooney. The other, we find out, is for the mastermind behind the company that lost $800m, including $60k of Kyle's inheritance. 

The film follows Gates' journey to realisation and understanding of the real-life implications of his actions and recommendations and how everyday, hard-working people, like Kyle, listen to his advice and invest, in some cases everything they have, based on his tongue-in-cheek, mimic-based approach to investment advice. 

Needless to say Gates takes a defensive stance when this all kicks off, trying to explain the loss away as a computer glitch. We learn later in the film that he actually does believe it was a computer glitch. 

All the while, in the background Fenn is simultaneously keeping Gates calm and giving him advice via his ear-piece, and digging to find answers. Answers that will make Kyle see sense and stop pointing the gun at Gates' head. 

She uncovers that the CEO of the company at the heart of this, Walt Camby, is missing and they need to find fast him as he is the only one who can provide the answers Kyle is looking for. 

Fenn hits the jackpot when she uncovers the truth and it's not until he realises he may have had the wool pulled over his eyes too that Gates also wants answers and together he and the gun-wielding Kyle go in search of Camby. 

They find him, the cameras are still rolling and the footage being aired to millions across the globe thanks to the ever-dedicated Larry on the mobile camera who has been with Gates the whole time, and Kyle comes face-to-face with the man who lost his entire inheritance. 

In an about-turn, Kyle orders Gates to remove his vest and instructs him to secure it to Camby. Words are exchanged and we see that Camby is as arrogant now as Gates was when we first met him. 

Kyle makes towards Camby and a shot is fired....but who has eyes on the deadman's switch? 

All in all it was a good film but not a great one. It didn't have me on the edge of my seat or waiting with bated breath. I was a bit disappointed with the lack of suspense and if I had to rate it is probably give it a 7/10. 

Have you seen this film? What did you think?

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