Friday, 25 September 2015

Just a little round-up of life lately...

How is that a whole two weeks have passed since I last had time to sit down and scribble some thoughts down?
Life lately today includes all the things that I’ve been getting up to or that have put a smile of my face and made my taste buds happy bunnies.

1.   Life wouldn’t be life without the obligatory selfie. I am still trying to master the knack of this pose and am having a few giggles trying to get it “just-so”. And don’t you just love the pop of colour against the black and white?

2.   Taking advantage of (what I thought would be) the last of the summer sun, having a relax and making good head-way into my 3 in 30 challenge.

3.   Another gorgeous Jersey view….. I could spend all day snapping away at the gorgeous picture opportunities this lovely little island affords me

4.   I was totally blown away by a surprise “thank-you” gift from a very dear friend. Talk about make a girl feel loved!!

5.   Having some fun with one of the apps I downloaded aggggges ago and completely forgot about. It’s a fun monogram app with various background options and you can personalise the writing.

6.   This just needs no words….

7.   50% off people, 50% off. It would be rude to a) not buy any, and b) only buy one! So we bought the cookies & cream to keep the Strawberry Cheesecake company 

8.   I love having fresh flowers around the house and at only £3 from my local supermarket I couldn’t not have them. They are so bright and fresh and make any room a million percent prettier

9.   Aaaahhhh, my not-so-guilty secret. I think I may be boarderline obsessed with these pretzels. Have you tried these yet? If you haven’t, I urge you to grab yourself a small bag and see what all the fuss I'm making, is about. 

So that's me and my little life of late.... Given the amount of alcohol that was consumed when some friends came over to visit last weekend, I'm surprised I've managed to keep alcohol out of the pictures!

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