Saturday, 12 September 2015

Just a little round-up of life lately...

Happy Saturday everyone

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen the loveliness I’ve been getting up to lately, in the collage I posted yesterday. They were just a few shots from my phone that capture how jam packed life has been lately. So what were they all? Funny you should ask because that’s what I’m here to tell you. [Working left to right, row by row, top to bottom]

1.   A perfect shot of the sea as the husband and I took a walk after work. I always have “pinch myself” moments because I still feel so lucky to live on such a wonderful island. And the fact this beach is on our doorstep makes it even better.

2.   A bit of a last minute date to the cinema was how we rounded off our last weekend and as I walked out the door I grabbed the nearest jacket (I’m prone to getting cold even on the warmest of days!) I wasn’t entire sure hot pink and leopard print would go but I quite like it.

3.   Le Hougue Bie – I’m planning on doing a separate post about this as it’s a tourist attraction in Jersey, but what you’re looking at here is yeeeeears old (I can’t remember how old but I know it’s older than the Pyramids of Giza – yikes!)

4.   Some lovely friends of ours and their even lovelier children popped over from the UK to spend the Bank Holiday Weekend with us a couple of weeks ago. We spent the weekend out and about and generally having a great time. Crazy golf was order of the morning on one of the days and I must say I’m not as good as I had hoped (read: thought!) Hmmmm. When will I learn that I’m not good at everything and if everything was easy everyone would be doing it?

5.   A gorgeous quote from the main man, Walt Disney. If ever there was a man to make a girl’s dreams come true it’s him. What he created and his vision and persistence I will forever be thankful for. He has created my happiest place on earth. No matter what’s going on in life, for me, everything is OK if I’m at Disney J

6.   A TFI’s Woo Woo. And on a Wednesday evening!! A friend and I make a point of scheduling dinner or lunch together every two weeks and we’ll go to a different restaurant or bar each time for a chin wag and general catch up. Life can get so busy that without our fortnightly dates pencilled in, in advance I don’t know if we’d even remember to book a date, let alone actually meet up.

7.   Ah the Raclette evening. Have you guys heard of a raclette? I hadn’t until relatively recently. It’s an amazingly social way of cooking and entertaining all at once. It’s a grill on one side and hot plate the other side. But underneath is where it all happens; you get little palettes that you put some cheese on and pop the palette in its slot under the grill. The cheese melts and you pour it over whatever meat/vegetables you’ve decided to cook on the grill/hot plate. Seriously, if you’ve not tried it you definitely should.

8.   Another beach shot. These will feature quite a lot as being a die-hard city girl I never got to see the beach/sea that much so when I do I go on picture-taking overdrive J

9.   Flowers – one of nature’s ways of bringing a smile to my face. The fact that I get to see them every morning on my way to work is a bonus.

So that’s my life recently. What have you been getting up to?

I’m looking forward to another fun filled weekend and I hope you are too. Enjoy....

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