Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Prettying up my [not so pretty] feet

As anyone who reads this blog knows, I am far from consistent when it comes to posting new items. And with that in mind I had every intention of posting this ages ago, like 21 April ages ago. But you know how it is; life just sort of gets in the way and before I knew it six or so weeks had passed since I drafted it.

This was originally going to be called "Spring into Summer", but seeing as though Spring came and went (actually where I live that's highly debatable as I'm not sure Spring actually put in an appearance, but we can leave that for another day) and Summer's already here I don't think the play on words works quite as well. So I'll ponder while I type as to what my new title can be.....

Anyways, although it's been a whopping six weeks since I drafted my first sentence the sentiment has not changed. Let's have a look........

Although spring is taking its time to show us its full 
colours (it’s pouring down where I am right now) 
I can’t help but overlook this and instead think about and get excited
 that summer is just around the corner!

OK, OK, so maybe it wasn't raining today but it was blustery and windy a more than a little chilly for my liking and for this time of year as well...... *tut tut*

So whilst I would love to flirt with the idea of donning a pretty little sun dress, or a cute little shorts and top ensemble, for now I will have to satisfy myself with something that is achievable in this climate: prettying up my feet. 

I saw the most darling pair of pumps in the window at Dorothy Perkins [the second picture down] and a quick browse of their website threw up tons of lovely pairs. And the best part? They're great on price point too!

Another shop that is always a "go to" for my ballet pumps needs is New Look. Massively inexpensive and such pretty patterns/designs too. 

There are a  few other pairs thrown in for good measure. But the most amazing part is that I have resisted buying any of these shoes but lordly knows that I want, like, all of them!

They would  just all look soooooo good with white skinny jeans, a floaty, pretty top, a gorgeous clutch..... oh hurry up Summer: JERSEY KELLY NEEDS YOU !!!!

{Sadly I have no idea where I found these gorgeous pumps all those weeks ago!}

I hope the weather where you are is behaving itself and treating you to some warmth so you can put away the winter jumpers once and for all...

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