Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January's Beautiful Buys

Hi everyone

I am not sure that this monthly "Beautiful Buys" idea is a good idea; I mean for one the husband will see what, and how much, I've bought (and spent!). But more importantly I will see how much I've bought and spent; it'll all be there laid out in front of me, making me feel guilty for spending and not saving!! I mean,who needs that sort of negativity, right?? 

I don't know about you, but every time I buy something I justify it by thinking to myself "Oh it's only a jumper/bag/pair of shoes", but by the end of the month you can guarantee I've forgotten what I've already bought and the jumper and bags and shoes just all mount up until I'm left with a towering pile of gorgeous-ness just waiting to be worn or used for the first time. And that towering pile of gorgeous-ness gives me a warm happy feeling just because it's mine, and because I know it's all waiting patiently in my wardrobe for me to choose it. And when that happens I know I did right to buy it!

So whilst January was a busy month for me work-wise, I managed to squeeze in a bit of retail therapy with this bundle of happiness.......

I've already made a start on February's Beautiful Buys, but that's only a lipstick (in the most gorgeous shade!!) so I'm thinking that that doesn't really count.......

Until next time.......

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