Thursday, 22 May 2014

New Kid on the Block

As of 8th March it was official; Mellieha's main road had a new kid on the block in the form of a new eatery; Debbie's Cafe. Please don't be put off by the name as I'll admit I was.  This place is not the typical greasy spoon; no steamed up windows, no food swimming in grease on a chipped plate complete with an equally chipped mug that doesn't match said chipped plate.   

Debbie's cafe is a quaint little spot boasting a small outside eating area with room inside for a rather comfy and extremely inviting-looking sofa as well as a display cabinet for their scrumptious looking home-made cupcakes and gateaux. I can imagine myself whiling away many a happy hour sprawled out on that sofa with a constant stream of cupcakes and tea and a ruddy good book. Anyway, back to the introduction of this little gem of a place.

With white washed walls and hues of duck egg blue the whole place, while not particularly large, is inviting, fresh and blends the perfect mix of intimate and social without feeling either too cramped or overlooked.

Debbie's cafe is run by Becky and is named after her mum.

On my first visit there I ordered the full English breakfast and it was a nice surprise to see that substitutions, to an extent, were allowed and even offered. So many places these days come with the "no substitutions" caveat meaning that in some places I end up giving away half of my breakfast to the husband because I don't like it!

It was cooked and presented in such a way that I didn't feel one iota of guilt in demolishing the entire lot. Have a peek and tell me what you think......... 

The husband chose the American style pancakes with fruit and syrup.........

On my second visit to the cafe I decided to go for the only other breakfast item that I was allowed under my Lenten rules; a good ol'bacon butty. For a plain old bacon sarnie this was delicious. Substitute bread for ciabatta, toast said ciabatta to perfection, grill the bacon exactly to my liking, squeeze on just the right amount of ketchup and you've got yourself a hit. I will definitely be ordering more of those in the future.....a lot more in fact.

Now seeing as though we're still in Lent (don't forget my confession yesterday; I drafted these posts and left them languishing in my drafts box for *ahem* 6 weeks!) and one of my "givey-ups" was cakes I was not allowed to sample any of these bad boys but the verdict from the rest of the party was a definite thumbs up. When I'm back in August I will definitely be making up for lost time!

If you're in Malta or have a trip booked and you'll be in the Mellieha area I would definitely recommend Debbie's Cafe. It's about half way down Gorg Borg Olivier Street on the right hand side, not far past the Solana Hotel (that's the main road that runs through the heart of the town and which leads down to the beach. If you reach the huge church on the left hand side then you've gone too far!)

Their menu is more extensive than just breakfast but I was up so late every day that my breakfast was in fact brunch and so I didn't have the opportunity to sample their lunch menu. But their Afternoon Tea looked divine - I spotted two girls on the table behind us indulging in some yumminess and it's definitely something I'm going to pop on my to-do list when I'm there again in August.

That's all from me folks. I'm off to dream of all those lovely cakes I'm not allowed to eat until Easter Day!

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