Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Ok so you must forgive me. I have had three or four entries stored on my Pages app ever since I got back from a week's holiday with the family and that's exactly where they have stayed. My timing is a bit *ahem, a lot* out but please bear with me :-)

Last Sunday (it was actually the 24 March but what's a month (and a bit!) between friends?)I jetted of to Malta with the husband, the parents, the sister (Claire) and the soon to be brother-in-law (Ricky) for seven days of doing precisely nothing. Well that was the plan until the sister said that she had booked our wedding hair trial in for the first day there at 9:30 in the morning. That little rendezvous put paid to any notions I might have had of a cheeky lie-in.

The hair trial wasn't as straight forward as either me or my sister had hoped but we got there in the end (I think!)

The stylist finished up around 11-ish leaving Claire to dash off to her round of meetings with the wedding planner, wedding co-ordinator, photographer and cake maker meaning I was free to wander around the town to my heart's content.... And that's exactly what I did.

Once Claire and Ricky arrived back from their meetings we delved into the wedding cake testers that they had been given by the planner but me being the good Catholic girl that I am resisted on the grounds that I've given up, wait for it, *drumroll please* chocolate, sweets, cakes, biscuits and crisps for Lent. I hope you are seriously impressed with my resolve.   

The rest of the day, and the following seven actually, passed in a blur of pitchers of vodka & orange, a walk to the shop for champagne and strawberries, walks down to the beach and back (that's no mean feat I can tell you....although to be fair we did only go down there to get a fried breakfast at one of our favourite cafés !!), a visit to the indoor pool (it was too cold to venture in the outdoor pool), a trip to the on-site spa for a treatment and general wanderings.

Here are a few of my favourite snaps.......


Check in tomorrow for some Maltese delights.  I absolutely pinky-promise!!! 


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