Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere........

What a perfect way to end a regular, run-of-the-mill Wednesday.......celebrating with Champagne......bucket loads of it. 

"What were you celebrating?" I hear you cry. Well our lovely boss was named in the New Year's Honours List for his charity work in Jersey. He was duly presented with his MBE yesterday at the Palace by Prince William (*swoon*). And in good old Barton style everyone was invited to clock off early and join him in marking this wonderful occasion with as much Champagne as you could shake a stick at. 

Now I'm quite particular when it comes to Champagne as my first real "experience" (it will become clear in a moment why I call it an "experience") with Champagne was with Mohamed Al-Fayed and some friends at his Park Lane apartment. This was back in the day when I was still a dancer and Mohamed asked us to dance at his daughter's 21st birthday party at a private club in Mayfair. Before we went to the club we went to his apartment and it was Champagne on arrival followed by a belly-dancing lesson.  But the beverage well that was just heaven in a glass. I have literally never tasted anything so good in my entire life....... And that's why I'm so fussy and critical when it comes to Champagne.

(I don't really talk about my dancing days that much, but I like this story, even though it's given my "Champagne taste buds" a lot to live up to!!!)

Back to the events of this evening; Mr B brought along his "prize" and I must admit he was more relaxed about it being passed around and admired by all and sundry than I would have been.

I've never seen an award "in person" before and it was remarkably unassuming. Not "blingy" or "look at me" at all. Not a bad bag if I'm being honest. I might try and get myself one of those. 

And as for the Champagne that flowed endlessly all evening, it tasted divine. I don't know what Champagne it was but it certainly got the thumbs up from me. So much so that we were the last ones standing and not a drop went to waste. 

The only down side to being the last one standing????? I had to help with the clearing up!!!

I'm feeling decidedly tipsy; so it's over and out from a sleepy, happy me.

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