Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Wish List on Wednesday

Hi everyone,

So I'm back with a quick pic of my Wish List on Wednesday. Surprisingly for me there is only one thing on it, for there is only one thing I desperately want right now.......

For me tomorrow marks the end of me driving around in the most gorgeous car ever. OK so it's not the most gorgeous car ever but it has certainly captured my heart and I am actually so upset that I won't be using it any more. 

So tonight I am most certainly craving a new car....... An Audi A4 S Line in navy blue to be precise........

I know that it's nothing special, and that there are sexier, sportier cars out there, but there's something about this car that just tugs at my heartstrings.....I think it's the colour - navy blue gets me every time. 

Enjoy your evening everyone and speak to you soon.

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