Friday, 24 January 2014

Friday Favourites

Just as Wednesday saw the launch of "Wish List Wednesday", today sees the introduction of "Friday Favourites".....and as I've only got a short while until Friday ends I'll keep it short. 

Each week I'll explore some of my favourite things ranging from houses and cars, to handbags and accessories. Today I'll kick things off with my favourite reads.

Books are a huge part of my life; I adore reading and losing myself in the plot, getting to know the characters, travelling their journey with them, and in some cases investing in the story on an emotional level. That might sound a bit weird and too deep and meaningful because it's only a story right? But if you're willing to be proven wrong on that score, and if you're after a good read, something more than "boy meets girl, they have a row, then they get back together", have a look at a small selection of some of my favourite books.

If I had to recommend just one of these six books it would have to be either "The Kite Runner" or "A Thousand Splendid Suns". They are quite possibly two of the most moving books I have ever read but be warned, you WILL need tissues and so I would strongly advise against reading these books in public. 

Tune in soon for Part II, a more light hearted version.

Have you read any amazing books recently? If so I'd love to hear about them. 

In the meantime have a lovely weekend.

Love Kelly

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  1. Wayno's best books (to date):
    1. Send down a Dove. Charles MacHardy
    2. Secrets of the Conqueror, the untold story of Britan's most famous submarine. Stuart Prebble
    3. Sink the Belgrano. Mike Rossiter
    4. A copper at the yard. John Woodhouse