Monday, 26 August 2013

A teeny, tiny little update

So it's a bank holiday today and not only is it 8:30am, but I've been awake since 4:20am. My husband, like most normal people, is still in the land of nod enjoying a restful slumber whilst I, on the other hand, am wide awake and raring to go. Although where I am raring to go is, as yet, undecided. Although I suppose if you asked my husband he would say that we're headed to the Jersey Museum and Art Gallery later on followed by a trip to St Brelade's beach. I have absolutely no problem with going to the beach it's just that I really don't want to go to the museum. And yes I am having one of those childish, I-want-my-own-way, stomping of feet kind of moments. The only trouble is that the husband will ask me for an alternative suggestion, of which I have none. I am sure there are lots of things to do in Jersey....... I am just yet to discover what they are. I think the best thing will be for me to "put up and shut up", "grin and bear it" and any other adage you care to employ for situations such as this.

Ok moving on. We have been living in Jersy for two weeks and two days now and it still kind of feels like a holiday, albeit one where you have to go to work every day, and I'm certainly spending like I'm on holiday!! *Note to self - must stop spending ..... immediately*

The relaxed way of life and the fact that we have zero commute to the office (we're currently living in the flat above the office) makes for a much more relaxed, chilled out husband. And I must admit, I'm pretty relaxed too. The only thing that we needed to "nail" was finding somewhere to live........

....... And we have managed to find, and fall in love with, the most gorgeous apartment and, all being well we will move in on 3 September. It looks like a Spanish villa - cream exterior walls, red roof tiles, gorgeous communal gardens and a beautiful, well maintained main entrance. It's on the ground floor so benefits from two very good size terraces and sea views.

In fact when I was here earlier in the year and my mum and sister came to visit, we walked past the apartments and I remember thinking to myself how I would love to live in one of those apartments - never in a million years did I think I would actually get to do exactly that!!!!

I knew within seconds of the letting agent opening the front door that this was where we would end up living. It's 1,100sq ft of real estate heaven. (before looking for a place to rent here I had no idea how big, small or otherwise 1,100 sq ft was, but after scouring what Jersey had to offer in terms of lets, I now know that 1,100sq ft is generous. Very generous indeed).

It's perfectly situated on the "main" road (and I say "main" in the loosest possible sense) so we have front row "seats" for the upcoming Battle of Britain air show, the Battle of Flowers celebrations (which we have to wait another year for) as well as various other events which take place throughout the year. I simply cannot wait. 

So I'm guessing the next week will be filled with me bending the husband's ear about furniture arrangements, new curtains, picture placements and all sorts of other things that he hates to talk about. Maybe I should be more amenable to the whole "museum" idea. 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful bank holiday an get upto lots of fun museum visits 😋

Much love

Kelly xXx

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