Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wow – I am one unfit bunny.

After two runs I like to think of myself as officially being “in training” for my Race for Life on 23 June.

The first time I went out I was out for about 30 minutes, of which about 15 minutes were spent walking due to me being so out of shape. Undeterred however, I donned my trainers last night and gave it another go. After all, I had already bought myself a lovely pink hand-held water bottle, a new set of (extremely cheap but very effective) headphones, a pink arm band to hold my phone and my keys, and had downloaded an album to help me along the way…….I was all set, so off I went.

I am the world’s worst at guestimating distances, weights, ages etc….. so when I gave the guys and dolls in the office an update this morning on my progress I had to give in to them in terms of how many beach huts I had passed before calling it a day. And to my absolute delight the consensus is that I did between 3 & 4K last night. Excited???? I can’t even tell you how much I am over the moon with my progress. And although I came back with a groin injury and my ankle cut-up due to my stupid socks, I actually can’t wait until the next time I go running. They are eleven words I never thought I'd hear myself say !


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