Tuesday, 2 April 2013

On a happier note

I realised today that my post this morning was a bit serious so I thought I'd lighten things up..... Today quite a few things have put a smile on my face - the first one that springs to mind is the glass of gorgeous Cabernet Sauvignon that has kept me company every now and again since my Jersey expedition began. Oops. It's strange because at home I'd never dream of having a glass of wine with dinner on a school night. But it seems to agree with me so...... Bottoms up!!!
Let me see, what else made me smile - oh yes, the simple act of getting my sunglasses out of "storage" (let's face it that’s where everyone's sunglasses spend most of their time with the weather we have right?) and putting them on because yes, the sun was shining today and it certainly made for a happier day all round. A bit of vitamin D and I was a happy, jovial girl.
In addition I received an unexpected envelope today in the mail at work...... A lovely, thoughtful card from a dear friend, wishing me luck in Jersey. Thanks Jenna.
And all of those things completed wiped out the bad feelings I was harbouring as a result of my total and utter inability to find a swimming costume that fits over my derrière!!!!! So despite my very good intentions of using the hotel pool every day I have only managed to use it once. Oh well, I'm more suited to the spa side of things anyway.  

Right, my Cabernet has run dry and I'd better say goodnight before I find I've ordered another glass and you've all got another glass of wine's worth of writing to read!  

What makes your spirits lift and your happiness peak?
Good night and I love you all.

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