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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Every day this week I am determined to find at least one thing that has made me smile...... And today I'm writing about these darling little trays that I picked up yeserday in one of the local shops at a bargain price of 99p each.

Sadly they didn't have pink otherwise I would have so been there.

I went into the shop in the hope of finding a cute little dipping bowl or dish where I could toss my earrings, rings and bracelet/bangle when I got back to the hotel after work, instead of having to faff around with putting them away properly (they need to be put away because I rotate my jewellery a lot so don't wear the same stuff on a daily basis) and when I asked the lady in the shop to point me in the right direction she showed me these lovelies. And although they weren't what I had in mind, I knew I could use them..... And not in the kitchen department.

 They are absolutely perfect for this......... 

And this........

And this.........


Although I am still on the look out for a cute little bowl/dish to store this little lot.........

I hope you all have a gorgeous day.


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