Friday, 29 March 2013

My exciting trip

As some of you already know, I've spent the last week (or almost the last week) living and working in my firm's Jersey office.......and I know it's only been a week- but I LOVE it. Before I left my London job for this Jersey secondment, I was assured by all of my colleagues who had spent time in the Jersey office or who had worked with people from the Jersey office that "don't worry about a thing, they are lovely/friendly/really welcoming". I thought to myself "of course you're going to say that seeing as though I'm going to be living and working there for the next 10 weeks. You're hardly going to tell me how horrible and mean they really were are you?"......... Oh how cynical I can be.

I have totally fallen in love with the people I work with. At this stage I accept it could just be the hype of a new job and me being the "new girl" again (it's been almost 13 years since I was that!) but I honestly could NOT have asked for nicer colleagues than those with whom I been blessed.

I had a bit of a "eureka" moment yesterday morning when I opened the curtain in my hotel room. Since my arrival in Jersey on Sunday the weather has been very overcast and cloudy and quite chilly and although the view was nice (I'm on the 9th floor plus the hotel is set quite high up) I could see it had the potential to be gorgeous with the right weather. So imagine my delight when, yesterday, I opened the curtains to find the clouds had gone and i realised I could see the sea!!!!!!! I didn't want to go to work yesterday, I wanted to get out there and explore what Jersey had to offer.

I have been told by so many people that there are so many things to do and see and I can't wait to do and see them all. In good old tourist fashion I stocked up on the leaflets and pamphlets that every good hotel stocks and when I'm home this weekend I will be looking through them all and creating an itinerary of activities to fill my weekends - either for when I have friends or family over, or when I've got a couple of days to myself to mooch around.

What else has got my pulse racing since I've been here???? Oh yes, my new commute. I kid you not I "live" a 15 minute walk, no scrap that, I am a 15 minute stroll from the office. Compare that to my 1 and a quarter hour journey when I'm in the UK and I am totally loving my new location. But it gets even better because from 8th April I will be living in a flat above the office so will not actually have a commute. I think I could slide down the banisters and be at my desk in a matter of seconds. However, the down side to this is that I could potentially not get any fresh air from 8th April until 1 June when I leave for good!! There's always the fire alarm button I could press if I'm that desperate for fish air.

So my first stint in Jersey is almost over - I'm heading back to the UK for the Easter holiday today and my second leg here starts on 1 April. I hope it goes as well as this first week.


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