Thursday, 10 January 2013

Well my new year’s promise to myself was to eliminate the phrase “I didn’t have time to” from my vocabulary. And so far it is going surprisingly well, better than I thought it would actually. There have been countless times so far this year when I’ve had an errand to run or a job to do and I’ve thought “no I can’t do that now because I don’t have time”. But then realising what I was thinking, I stopped and thought “do I really not have the time, or do I just not want to do it, and a lack of time is such a plausible excuse that I know I can get away with it?” And I am sad to say it was the latter.

Then I realised that there must have been so many occasions last year, in the whole of my adult life in fact, when I haven’t done things purely and simply because I didn’t want to – a.k.a I couldn’t be bothered. I daresay the important jobs/errands ended up getting done, but probably at a last minute rush and panic. So knowing that I’ve kept this promise to myself so far has made me feel very virtuous and smug indeed. I might bottle this feeling, for I am sure it won’t last.

Just before I sign off I wanted to share with you a couple of thoughts that I find help me in the course of everyday life:

1.       Hard work is often the easy work you did not do at the proper time (Bernard Meltzer)

2.       There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all (Peter Drucker, 1909 – 2005)

What quotes or sayings help you out?

I hope you are still sticking to your new year promises.  

Right I am off to do my online shopping - I definitely cannot be bothered to do this but as I do have the time........


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