Wednesday, 9 January 2013

In a post that is bound to fill my husband with horror and dread in equal amounts, today I’m thinking about the ever growing list of jobs that need to be tackled in our house…..yes they really do need to be done rather than me just wanting them to be done.

For a start there is the hideous blue carpet in the living room that simply needs to go. (I’ve been saying that since the day we moved in 5 and a half years ago). And as anyone who has been to our house knows I HATE that blue carpet with a passion.

A few years back my in-laws and I repainted the whole house, top to bottom, over the course of a week. “This is it” I thought, “my chance to – errr accidentally on purpose – spill a whole tin of paint on the wretched thing and be forced, there and then, into replacing it.” Do you think I, or my  in-laws, spilled drop on it? No we did not. Not a single drop. And the blue carpet lives on and is as prominent in our house as, well as something really prominent I guess……. But the life of the carpet is coming to an end, for on new year’s day we had a fitter come over and measure up for a new one. And I am thrilled to announce that our new carpet will be in the store later this month. Which means it should be fitted by the end of this month. Ah bliss….. I won’t have to apologise for the carpet to every single person who walks into our living room anymore….I’ll just have to ask them to take off their shoes instead.

So that takes care of the carpet in the living room.

But let’s back track a bit - When deciding what room in the house to next lavish our attention on (the bathroom and master bedroom having been recently completed) I made it clear that the living room was definitely my priority and I gave a big spiel about how the only thing I wanted to change in the living room was yep, you guessed it, the carpet. But now that that’s on order I find myself looking at the soft furnishings in that room and I’ll be honest I am totally uninspired by them. So naturally I’ve gone from only wanting to change the carpet to wanting to change the soft furnishings, blinds and pictures, get a coffee table and a TV unit…….at least I don’t want new sofas or a different colour scheme altogether. And besides I’m a girl and that means I’m allowed to change my mind without prior notice.

The pictures we have up at the moment are regular run-of-the-mill prints that were fine when we bought our first place together eight years ago, when we didn’t know what we wanted or what styles we liked. But now we are older and bolder when it comes to decorating I find they are just far too impersonal and do not reflect us or our lives. So the hunt is on for some pictures. Goodness know where I will start because I am yet to find a picture for the bedroom that the husband agrees “goes with the room” – and to give you some idea of how trying this task will be – I’ve been searching for a bedroom picture for the last six months!

Thankfully though I think we have decided on cushions. Gone will be the plain, beige ones and in will come these babies……


Splashes of colour, modern, fun cushions. For as much as I like to be straight faced and serious most of the time, I do like fun.

Talking of fun - I am off to do some more Tax Returns.

Let me know what you think about the cushions...... unless you're my husband wanting to tell me you don't like them of course.



  1. I don't like the cushions!

    1. Thank you Anonymous - shame I know who you are and that I can ignore you.