Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yesterday was a day of mixed emotions. It started on a very somber note with the loss of an uncle and ended with my sister getting engaged. Her and her boyfriend were enjoying a 4 day break in Lapland and on the last day he popped the question - complete with a platinum and diamond ring. What a lucky girl she is.

So yesterday I mentioned that I had lost my Sellotape dispenser - just in time for my present wrapping marathon. I looked everywhere for it. And I mean everywhere. From the obvious places like the little nook where it usually is, to the less obvious, down-right silly places such as the fridge and the washing baskets but to no avail..... Don't look at me like that. I'm sure you've left weird stuff in the fridge too!

So, admitting defeat, I bit the bullet and bought a new one today. And I just know that I will find the original one in a couple of days' time - because that's how I luck out. But the wrapping will have to wait because tonight the husband and I had a dinner date with some friends. A long overdue dinner date I might add. And judging by the grumbling that was coming from my tummy dinner was long overdue too......... 


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