Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Why doesn't the work day pass as quickly as the time between my blog updates???? I think I need to go in search of a time machine. That might make life a tad easier - although for those of amongst us (me!) who do not TOTALLY understand time travel (despite being a huge Dr Who fan) life could get very complicated if a time machine was available on the high street.

So what's to blame for this latest delay? Simple; my job. I work in tax. Self Assessment to be specific. You know those annoying adverts that plague your TV's as soon as we enter the new year? The ones with Moira Stewart sitting in a cupboard assuring us that "tax doesn't have to be taxing" (that’s the most untruthful saying I have ever heard, by the way)? And the constant reminders that your Tax Return must be filed by 31 January to avoid penalties (thanks for that but I have enough bosses and managers reminding me every day of this fact)??? Well that's what I do. I prepare and submit Tax Returns to HMRC on behalf of clients. And with approximately 44 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes left until the deadline…….I have a lot of work to do.

So not only do I eat, sleep and breathe tax at this time of year, it also is the reason why I cannot indulge in my lovely little blog, why I haven't so much as even opened the Christmas cards I bought (even though I got them down from the loft in November), why I haven't started wrapping presents yet and why I've lost my trusty Sellotape dispenser!!!! A week before Christmas is not good timing.
And to make matters worse, tax is also the reason why I cannot do the million and one things I would love to do at this time of year. Wreath making, cookie and cupcake making, advent calendar making, gift tag making (I bought all the equipment in such good faith that I would make personalised tags for my gifts this year, but sadly said equipment is a full time garden-shed-squatter), the list just goes on……… well it would if I even had the time to make the list in the first place.
 But with only three full working days left, plus the rest of today until I break up for Christmas, I am slowly feeling Christmassy, and for those 11 wonderful days between breaking up and going back to work, I plan to not give tax a second’s thought.


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