Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Yesterday was a goooooood day.

First off I had a lie-in as I was working from home.

The first highlight of my day was lunch with my lovely mummy– and a good hearty lunch it was too; steak & ale pie with mash and thick gravy *licks lips*

I finished working at just gone 5pm and I was home at a little after "just gone 5".

The evening had the potential to be ever so boring what with the husband going to the cinema but I put paid to that and paid my good friend – Sarah Gayler – a visit.

Sarah is an amazing cookie/cupcake/any other cake you can think of, maker. I love going to Sarah’s house to see her latest creation and get tips from her. Sarah beats and whisks and stirs and rolls until everything is just-so, but boy are her designs worth the wait. On a usual day her kitchen is a bubbling hub of gorgeous naughtiness.

Last night we made sweet trees for a charity morning we are hosting. Well I say "we" in the loosest sense of the word. What I actually mean to say is that I’ll be there to do as Sarah says really.

Anyway, back to last night, I must admit Sarah pulled the short straw as I got to play with the four boxes of red Lindor chocolate balls and make them into the most beautiful Christmas Tree shape. Here is how my Lindor Tree started out…….


And here is the final product…….

It took all my will power not to eat even one! I think that deserves a pat on the back don’t you?

Kelly xXx

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